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Excel is probably the biggest missed opportunity in business IT. This is because it offers the best value of any software for businesses in providing bespoke and tailored software solutions. In an ideal world all the data based software that a business needs like accounting, stock control and omni-channel software would be available in Excel.

However in reality it is in a software company’s best interest to develop its own off the shelf software. This then creates a required skill set needed to work with the available software which then becomes a recruitment standard and in turn reinforces the demand for the software closing the circle in the process.

However being compatible with Excel opens the door for the Excel Developer to step in. To gain an even better understanding it is worth noting that when software companies use ‘being compatible with Excel’ as a selling point it becomes clear which is the superior product.

Therefore Excels current role is to fill in the gaps between a business’s existing software, either to help build a seamless system or to handle new and immediate requirements not covered by off-the-shelf software. This starts by automating any repetitive tasks starting from a simple self-calculating workbook through to complete systems bespoke to a business’s exact needs.


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