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A Summary of the Concept of Data Privatisation.

This is the best summary of Data Privatisation that I have manged to date:

If we adopt Data Privatisation we can have it all both privacy and security. In short Data Privatisation allows for all data to be searched but controls how it is reassembled into useable information.

An example relevant to our security would be that if all internet browsing histories are searched it is only when the offending sites are found that the specific users personal data need be accessed. How this is done and by whom can also be controlled.

An example relevant to business is that first and foremost if data is stolen it is of no use or value without the means to reassemble it. More importantly it restricts the information available to the user to the specific task in hand and after the search process only those records actually required.

The control that Data Privatisation gives us over when data becomes information negates the need for data security in many cases and enables the monetization of the data. In other words it is possible for what was previously an expense to become a new source of revenue.

If with data theft no longer being an issue and aiding privacy, research and fighting crime through a better process of elimination along was not already enough, Data privatisation then opens the door to a whole new market of possibilities. It is this new market that is the true prize to be gained from Data Privatisation




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