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The Software Model

Sometimes it is not enough to have faith in your own convictions, proof is required and with the significance of Data Privatisation this is one of those times.

Being an Excel Developer it made sense for me to model the logic in Excel using VBA macros to automate the process. The full model is split into 2 basic applications. The first being the application that dissembles the data as information into its component data using multiple spreadsheets in the process. The second being the application that reassembles the selected records appertaining to the search criteria.

Using Excel allows for the macros to be paced showing the process in a highly visual manner that leaves the viewer with no doubts as to the validity of both processes.

By going through the process translating the logic step by step into code not only gives the idea substance but it opens up a whole new range of possibilities and further ideas. As a result I have ditched the first version of the software model and I have just finished the second version of the working model. Yet again this opened up the scale and scope of Data Privatisation so that it too is pretty much obsolete in terms of what is both possible and desirable.

What really sinks in going through the process is that Data Privatisation is not going to go away, it is just a question of time before it is implemented and, dare I say it, becomes the industry standard for the storage of data. This is why I have devoted and continue to devote so much of my time to it.

Also all the while I have been adding to my notes and some this is discussed in the Advanced Concept section. Possible demonstrations of the software model are discussed in the section after that.




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