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An Introduction to Data Privatisation

About 10 years ago, in response to numerous stories of data theft and the demand for ID cards, I started toying with the idea of privacy as an alternative to security in so much as if you could make and keep something private then security was not needed .

The first principle of Data Privatisation is that, like a bank note cut into 2 pieces, if you break apart a data table or a piece of data like a phone number then none of the resulting parts are of use until joined back together. Data Privatisation is the process of first how data and datatables are split and then how, when, where and by whom the data is joined back together. Unlike in the physical world with the bank note in the digital world it is not enough to be in possession of all the pieces unless you have the ability to join them all back together.

The second principle is that of distinguishing between public and private data. For example what information we can see about a person like height, hair and eye colour is public data and what we cannot like their address and phone number is not. And again with the phone number one can say that the first part that appertaining to either the area or the supplier is publically available information and the actual number is not.

Data Privatisation is based on the concept of making data a matter of private record as opposed to a public record. The mechanism of this is a digital process that has no physical world equivalent, one that achieves the desired level of privacy and negates the need for data security. In terms of protecting my interests I am prepared to say no more about the process suffice to say that it works and Data privatisation is the result.

The more one delves into the nature of real world data the more perfectly logical principles are to be found. I find the failure of anyone to engage so far particularly disturbing as the logic ‘is what it is’ and has nothing to do with me except that in terms of monkeys and typewriters, it would appear that “I was that monkey” so it is my IP.

This problem is added to by knowing that it is no different when it comes to dealing with hacking so I suffer in quiet desperation.




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