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My Purpose – What I want, need, hope for etc.

While I both need and have to gain from my IP that is Data Privatisation and the work that I have put in developing the idea, I must confess that it is not what drives me. What drives me is my overall vision of a possible future and Data Privatisation is only a small part of the whole and even the ideas relevant to IT are just a part of that.

Within IT I have 3 major ideas of which Data Privatisation is the first and the only one on the table at the present. However I should say that the second is the idea that eliminates hacking as a problem and the reason that it is second is that unlike Data Privatisation I cannot model it myself I am going to need help, however it is very much part of my purpose.

While I have developed the idea of Data Privatisation and modelled the process I am looking for partners either to develop and implement the idea further or to develop the idea with a view to a wider implementation. This is such a massive idea with room for all so I am open to offers.

In order to achieve this my immediate intent is to instigate a dialog as to how I/we might proceed including viewing the software model and definitive document for Data Privatisation on which the model is based.

After 20 months of trying with numerous companies, organizations and government departments no one has yet chosen to engage or even asked to view the software model or idea in full so the door is still open. As to why this has happened is very much a story in its own right but not for the here and now.




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