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Further Contact and Demonstartions

Feel free to use this site's contact form to get in touch. Any comments, criticisms or opinions will be gratefully received. Both the site and the concept are works in progress and hopefully will improve over time.

When it comes to full access to both the actual process and mechanism of Data Privatisation I will need assurances that my interests will be safeguarded. In some cases I might need to and can supply non-disclosure agreements to be signed.

As I have alluded to previously both my additional work along with the sheer size and impact of Data Privatisation serves as a sort of protection as much as the implementation of Data Privatisation is highly unlikely to go unnoticed. I prefer to work on trust and I am totally open to discussion on how this might be achieved.

The same applies to the working software model that with prior agreement I can demonstrate over Skype if necessary.

Quite frankly any contact and feedback will be appreciated as I have had sod all so far!




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