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The Application of Data Privatisation

The scope of the application of Data Privatisation is such that it stretches from protecting the contact details on a mobile phone right up to protecting our national secrets. The level of privatisation can be adjusted accordingly starting with a simple dual table increasing to a table for every value within a record if necessary. The main principle behind the level of privatisation is to make any unauthorised effort to reassemble the data table unviable in terms of the potential valued returned by doing so.

The most obvious applications are:

• Research, specific to Medical Research – First a patient’s personal details can be separated i.e. the patients name & contact details kept separate from any details that might be needed by the researcher. Then the medical record appertaining to the patient is kept separate from both sets of the patient’s personal data. This enables research to be done with no loss of privacy yet enables a scenario for contacting patients if deemed to be to the benefit to the patient. This point can be controlled by a third party and hence regulated.

• Crime and National Security – The main principle here is that in most cases you do not need to infringe on an individual’s privacy to eliminate them from an enquiry. Because of this it should be possible to make considerably more privatised data available to the authorities for them to work with. Yet again the point at which a person’s details are needed can be controlled and regulated by a third party.

• National Databases – Because of the protection of privacy resulting from the privatisation process more data can be freed up to build new nationwide datasets. More organizations and companies can be given controlled access to even greater amounts of data and in the case of commercial companies charged for it. The truth is that most of the commercial market is interested in patterns not your private details.

The Advanced Concept enables even more extensive application of Data Privatisation.




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