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The Advanced Concept

Primarily my notes that I refer to as Advanced Data Privatisation serve as my protection for the process and mechanism of the concept. These notes render any attempts to copy the basic process obsolete. Therefore I will not be saying too much here.

What I will say is that Data Privatisation opens the door to privacy broking in so much as that we will look to third parties to keep all our personal details and information private. Also that by supplying the same service to us all they can monetize the data on our behalf in order to pay for the service. Being a regulated third party they will be able to issue us with alternative identities, alter egos if you like. Most importantly this could be in the form of a privacy card as a desirable alternative to the identity card.

This will ensure us as individuals even greater privacy than we enjoy now while preserving the security of us all as a society. Companies will be offered even more data by our brokers to achieve their goals of increased service, efficiency and profit. In the evnt they will actually hold less of our personal details then they do now.




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